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What is the difference between a service email and a marketing email?

A service email is any email related only to the service of the subscription box e.g. despatch or delivery information. It must not have any sales or marketing message within it, including renewal information.

A marketing email can have many objectives, including upselling or cross-selling. Types of marketing emails could include anything from newsletters, product updates or announcements.

When viewing or downloading your customer's data, please ensure that it is used and stored in compliance with data protection legislation and permanently deleted from your system once it has been used.

This data can only be used for marketing purposes if marked as "YES" in "Opted in to Marketing Emails", in which case marketing emails related solely to your product may be sent. 

If marked as "NO" in "Opted in to Marketing Emails" then no marketing emails can be sent to this customer, however service emails can still be sent.

So, in summary

  • Service emails can be sent regardless of whether a customer has opted into marketing
  • Marketing emails can only be sent if a customer has been marked as "YES" in "Opted in to Marketing Emails"

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