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Fulfiling Your Orders on uOpen

This is a step by step guide for exporting your orders from uOpen and marking them as shipped.

  1. Login into your uOpen merchant account :

  2. Click “Fulfilment” from the left hand navigation.

  3. On the Fulfilment page use the drop-downs to select your upcoming or required schedule :

    1. Select Box - For merchants with multiple boxes

    2. Select Subscription - For merchants with multiple subscriptions.

    3. Select Schedule - To filter the fulfillments for the time period schedule ie June 2018

  4. The fulfillment summary shows :
    1. Select check box
    2. Order ID
    3. Date
    4. Recipient
    5. Status  - Unfilled or Shipped
    6. Emailed  - Status if the customer has been sent an automated "Your order has been shipped" email.
    7. LTC  - Lifetime Count of how many deliveries the customer has had for this subscription. 
    8. Gift  - Highlight by a gift icon if the box has been purchased as a gift. Note : the gift receivers address will automatically be assigned to the order. This is simply to help merchants see what % of deliveries are gifts.
  5. Once you have filtered your fulfilments you can now export your orders as a csv:

    1.  Use the top check box to select all or select individual fulfilment rows.

    2. Click "Export" to export all selected fulfilments.

    3. Your export will  automatically download to your local device as a CSV.

    4. As the CSV contains sensitive customer data, before downloading you are prompted to ensure you use the data in compliance with your data protection legislation, click "Download" to agree and proceed.

IMPORTANT - Marking Your Orders as "Shipped"

Once you have shipped your deliveries out to customers, its vital that you mark these as "Shipped" in your uOpen fulfilment area. Your monthly revenue-share payments are only based on "Shipped" orders, so please follow these quick steps after each delivered order to ensure your payments are not delayed: 

  1. Follow the same steps as at the top of the page to select and view your fulfulments.
  2. Use the checkboxes again to select all or individual fulfilments.
  3. Once selected, click "Mark as Shipped" (HINT - The button text will also provide a counter of how many fulfilments have been selected)
  4. You will be prompted for confirmation "Mark rows as fulfilled" , with a summary and the option to notify the customer. This will send an email notification to customers informing that a delivery from you is on its way. Simply untick this option if you do not wish the notification to be sent to the selected customers. Then click "Proceed"
  5. Your fulfilments will then be marked as "Shipped", this status will also be seen by the customer in their uOpen account and allow the uOpen finance team to include the fulfilments in your next revenue-share payment cycle.
  6. Your all done!
  7. NOTE : For merchants with multiple boxes and subscriptions, ensure you use the dropdowns to select ALL of your pending fulfilments. Your automated "order summary alert" and "time to ship" emails will also help signal which boxes have pending fulfilments to mark. as "shipped"

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