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How do I add a subscription?

The uOpen marketplace allows you to add a single or multiple subscriptions to each box.

Multiple subscriptions can be used when you have different price plans within a box. For example Discover Club at £19.99 and Deluxe Club at £24.99, would be created as 2 x separate subscriptions.

This will allow the customer to select the desired subscription plan from your product page.

Each subscription has its own name, description, frequency terms, cut-off date, variant options and the ability to add customer questions for personalisation.

Follow this step-by-step guide for adding a subscription to your box.

1. Once you've added your Box , it's now time to add a subscription.

2. On the "Boxes" click "Add Subscription" on the box you wish to add a subscription into.

3. On the Add Subscription page, complete the fields under General as follows ;

  • Subscription Name  : eg Discover Club
  • Description : An optional description that helps explain the unique information for this subscription. ie 5-8 handpicked items
  • Status : This allows you to enable or disable the subscription from you product page.

4. Terms & Pricing - Compulsory

  • Add a Price for each Term you wish to offer.
  • Disable a Term by using the toggle, this will hide the Term from the customer.
  • Tip: Monthly terms are the most attractive to customers and have the highest conversion rate. We therefore highly recommend you always keep a monthly term enabled.

Note : At least 1 x term must be enabled for a subscription to be approved and listed on the marketplace.

5.  Adding Variants - Optional

If your subscription includes products with interchangeable options, you can set this up in the Variants section as follows :

  • Variant Name : This is your internal variant name, which will be included in your SKU e.g "T-Shirt Size"
  • Label : This is the the title text shown to the customer e.g "Select T-Shirt Size"
  • Options : Here you can add each different variant option for a customer to choose between eg. Medium T-Shirt Size

Note : You must add at least 2 x options for a customer to choose from when creating a Variant

6. Adding Customer Questions  - Optional

Use Questions to collect additional information from your customers as follows : 

  • Question e.g What is your Skin Type?
  • Help Text : Optional text to help prompt the customer.
  • Required  : Set if question is required or optional. If enabled as Required, user cannot continue purchase until the question has been answered.
  • Answer Type : Specify the answer type to control how the customer answers the question. Select from : 
    • Single Line Text 
    • Multi Line Text 
    • Date Field
    • Single Choice Selector
    • Multiple Chose Selector

7.Shipping Zones & Rates

The uOpen marketplace currently only accepts orders from customers with a UK shipping address. 

International shipping zones will soon be available to add here as an additional option. 

8.Cut-Off Date & Shipping Schedule

The Cut-Off date is the last day a customer can order this month's box. 

The uOpen marketplace uses the cut-off date to build your monthly schedule and fulfillment reports.

If a customer places an order after this month's cut-off date, the order will automatically be allocated into the following month's fulfillment schedule.

Set your Cut-Off date by using the drop-down selector.

Note : Available dates run just to the 28th to handle February short date range. Use the 28th if your cut-off date is the last day of the month..

The Estimated Shipping Date is the amount of days after the cut-off date your box is expected to ship. This is used as guide for customers on the marketplace and also communicated in the customer order confirmation.

9. Add a default image to a subscription

  • This optional step allows you to add a unique image against each subscription.
  • This image will appear throughout the checkout process and can help show the customer which subscription they have selected.
  • This is useful when you have multiple subscriptions.
  • If no default image is uploaded to a subscription, the default image from the parent Box will be shown to the customer.

10. Age restricted products

  • Specify if your subscription may contain any age restricted products, such as alcohol.  
  • The marketplace will use this to ensure the customer is aware of the restriction and the required checks can be implemented as required.

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