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Can I create multiple boxes?

Yes, uOpen offers the ability to add multiple boxes.

You can do this under Boxes-> Add Box

This is useful if you have different boxes that warrant a separate product page for each. 

When to add as a Box, Subscription or Variant?

  • Multiple boxes should be created when there is a clear difference with the type of product items a customer will receive.
    • For example  a Pet Company may have a Cat and Dog box, this would make sense to create two different boxes. 
  • Multiple Subscriptions should be added to a box when the product type is the same but there are price variant plans a customer must choose from.
    • For example "Regular - £15" and a "Deluxe - £20" version, this should be added as 2 different subscriptions within each box.
  • Variants can be used when there are customer variant plans that don't affect the price.
    • For example "T-Shirt Size"

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